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New start -ups -

Dedicated agent to assist you throughout the application process
  • Help with managing business cashflow, with tailored premium financing solutions
  • Monthly payment options
  • Credit/Debit card payment solution available
  • Business growth advice, exclusively available for our clients
  • Strengthen your success with suitable insurance cover(s)

All Application forms listed are fillable forms for easy editing & updating

Cover available for previous work undertaken – subject to underwriter approval
Competitively priced insurance(s) to fit all budgets
Protect against financial losses as a result of any unforeseen insurable losses by capping the excess – subject to underwriter approval

Bespoke solutions for all business types including tech start-ups

We assist our clients in areas that go beyond insurances - globally.

Whether you are a new Start-up, Freelancer or Solopreneur, our specialist team offer our clients a range of services that are tailored towards your requirements: whether you need more time with a Scholar to better understand the complexities of an insurance product, to having a Scholar assist you with your application for insurance, as well as providing insurance solutions that are better suited to your financial standing, through our expertise and technical, proactive approach, we are able to assist and provide you with the much needed comfort of knowing that your insurance needs are being taken care of.

Whether you are Sole practitioner, a new start-up, or an established business, our offering, although available to any business, is mainly suited for sole practitioners to SME sized businesses. (less than 250 employees)

Whether you love or loathe it, “Tech”, is very much part of everyday life in business. Whether your business specialises in Biotech, Cleantech, Healthtech, Greentech, Wealthtech or Fintech, we have strong relationships with Insurance companies that have an appetite to support these emerging/evolving tech areas.

We benefit from having access to Lloyd’s of London, as we have the required latitude to provide assistance to any business operating in any of the 5 Industry sectors; from the Primary sector, right through to Quinary Sector; we have the talent and capabilities to support your business with arranging your insurance programme.